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Airstream 31  ft

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Our Airstream 31 ft is built from an Airstream Ambassador. Strictly vintage, we have carried out a meticulous restoration to make it precisely, the Airstream ambassador of Airstream Italia and Officine Vivaldi. A symbol of American travel and dream, our 31-foot Airstream is one of the most versatile American caravan models due to the size of the vehicle which allows large loads and interior spaces. The Airstream 31 feet has only one frontal opening, the stage can be of two sizes, wider or half Airstream. The side opening of about 2 meters allows you to create a real internal shop, or meeting room during a fair. The dimensions of our caravan also allow you to travel with the equipment inside, minimizing any vehicles supporting the tour or event. Inside it is empty to be adapted to any event or tour.


VEHICLE: Original Airstream 1979 31feet
USE: Store, Mobile Showroom, pop up store, Trade show booth, Airstream Bar, Cocktails
DIMENSIONS: 29 feet 9.44mt x 2.25mt
EQUIPMENT: Hydraulic stage with remote control, Electrical system, LED lights, Hccp paneling, large internal load space, Parquet in wood or PVC, mirror polished, conservative restoration
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Airstream 31 feet

Airstream 31 feet noleggio by Officine V
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Airstream 31 ft
Come and visit us at Officine Vivaldi to fall in love with our Airstream

Our 31 foot Airstream trailer is one of the most iconic and demanded by the market. Perfectly restored and mirror polished. The peculiarity of our caravan is the narrower opening compared to the other caravans, a 2.5 meter window that can be opened with a remote control located on the left side of the Airstream, allowing you to create an interior sitting area ideal for having privacy at fairs or crowded events. Compared to the other American Caravans our Airstream have a minimal and unique look. In fact, we are the only ones in Italy that keep the precious aluminum surface always mirror polished. Before every rental we make sure to review the polishing of our Airstream, it is with these details that we have built the reputation of "Top Supplier" with many of our customers. Inside Led lights, Dinette, LED TV and aluminum colored walls allow easy customization. The hydraulic opening allows a fast, practical and effortless closing and opening of the stand. The parquet is in real antique wood, it can be covered with carpet or PVC. The glasses of our Airstream are obscured to ensure safety of the goods, privacy with a consequent excellent visual rendering of the logos attached and customizations.

Inside, our Airstream is empty to facilitate ad hoc customization for each customer and event or promotional tour. Our Airstream is HCCP paneled to be transformed into a Beer Station, Food Truck, Catering Truck or cocktail bar. The vehicle can be customized as required by the customer, it is perfectly restored while retaining the charm and style that distinguishes every Officine Vivaldi Airstream from imitations. There are no limits to the uses of our Airstream 31 feet pop store or showroom due to its spaciousness and versatility.

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