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We offer you the possibility to fully manage your logistics, in fact we have several Cars and Pick up available like our Dodge Ram 1500s and Volkswagen Crafter.

All you have to do is call and talk one of our experts to check availablity of the vehicle most suitable to your needs.


How much does a New Airstream cost?

The Ohio-based Airstream Inc Company is the only company that has never stopped producing Caravans from 1929 to today. Find all prices in $ on the site:

Just select the model you prefer, the size and the equipment. An average Airstream costs $ 110,000 and up, a larger Airstream such as a 31ft or 34ft costs $ 150,000 to $ 180,000. These are the new Airstream prices mass-produced by Airstream Inc in Ohio.


I found an Airstream for $ 10,000 in America, can you help me import it?

We generally do not deal with customization on behalf of third parties, that is, we do not work on vehicles chosen and purchased by you. This is because after 12 years of experience we know what to check before purchasing and we do not want any surprises during the work that could compromise the final result. A used (or rather destroyed) Airstream in America can cost from 10 thousand to 30/40 thousand dollars. Prices vary according to the year of manufacture, the conditions of the external vehicle, the interior, the systems and also the location. The United States is big and getting an Airstream from Central America to the port can cost several thousand dollars. It is necessary to check if it is circulating, in what conditions the tires are, finding who carries out the transport, coordinating with the ship, in short, it is not so easy. The latest good news is that for a few cm new or vintage Airstreams that are NOT fit into containers . so do not take the price of a container as a reference because it is a different and more expensive transport. Finding it in the States is only the first step, in addition to shipping and logistics there is the entire extra EU customs clearance phase which can take 3/4 or more months, to which customs duties and VAT must be added. And here your $ 10,000 has suddenly become almost 30,000 and you have not yet started the restoration, the chassis, the brakes, the interiors and the Italian registration.


How much does it cost to buy an Airstream at Glamping or Mobile Shop?

Our job is to restore and convert into modern vintage Airstream eco lodges. So let's not go to work on new bodies but from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

We have chosen to work on vintage vehicles because although the Airstream style has not changed radically over the years, the vintage lines fascinate and inspire us more than the modern ones. In addition, it would be a shame to remove the "new" or semi-modern interiors and make them custom-made. Our event Airstreams, Glamping and Food have therefore ONLY the aluminum body, also called Guscio, Original. For your safety, to comply with the highway code and to last at least another 50 years, we take care of replacing the frame, the panels, the braking system… in short, EVERYTHING! Except the look. Tailor-made work on a vintage vehicle, such as in vintage cars or motorbikes, is not always synonymous with savings. In our case it is, because we do not even come close to the price of a new Airstream of the same size but still remains a "Premium" object, owning an Airstream has always been a luxury, like having a Porsche, whether it's vintage or new. , is always  A work of art.  In summary, an Airstream made at Glamping can cost from € 60 to € 110,000 and it takes about 4/6 months of work . The variables are many, the state of the Airstream at the start, the frame, the floor, etc. Below 60,000 it would be physically impossible to import, restore and license an Italian vehicle, therefore, suspect if you find Airstreams for sale for less.


How much does it cost to buy an Airstream a Food Truck?

I would like a means to attend events and festivals. Can I put a kitchen on a caravan?

If you have read answer number 3, you can more or less get an idea of the cost of an Airstream a Food Truck. Indicatively, for an Airstream a food Truck, the prices for sale range from 70,000 to 130,000 euros. it all depends on the size, the interior layout, the state of the departure vehicle etc. Each vehicle must be quoted separately, both because it is made to measure but also because it will need different jobs. Surely there are the works of "Commissioning" and conversion to Food Truck in the booklet . Putting it on the road means making the Airstream safe and circulating in compliance with Italian road laws. Conversion to Food truck, on the other hand, is the "change of intended use" which is MANDATORY , in order to prepare and administer food and drinks from your food truck. As it would be for a property, to get the authorizations for a bar you have to make adjustments to obtain the permits from the municipality and the ASL. An Airstream or Another Caravan, Truck is no different. for this reason all our conversion works must be certified, tested and approved as HCCP Proof, that is, approved to be in contact with food intended for human consumption. To conclude, an Airstream a food is an extraordinary vehicle that will allow you to bring your kitchen to festivals, events and wonderful places, it can also bring you an excellent income if you are good at your job and the 100,000 euros of purchase of the vehicle are relatively few if we compare them to buying a restaurant or setting up a professional kitchen. 

Working at festivals or events with thousands of people you could take home from 10 thousand to 40 thousand € or more per weekend, the possible earnings thanks to an attractive vehicle like an Airstream are considerable, also know that an Airstream converted to Food Truck does not suffer inflation. over time, indeed! its value is more likely to rise.


Can I travel with an American Airstream in Italy?

The answer is no. The American Airstreams are equipped with a braking system different from the one allowed in Europe and you would therefore be punishable with sanctions and with the seizure of the vehicle. American brakes are electric brakes while in Italy (in Europe) only inertia brakes are allowed for trailers / caravans. That is brakes that are activated when the tractor brakes. They can be Mechanical type brakes (if they use the linkage to activate the shoes) or Hydraulic brakes (if there is an oil pump that pressurizes the oil to the brake cylinders, etc.). In summary, in order to be able to circulate and above all to be able to register a trailer, it is first of all necessary to replace the entire braking system, therefore often also the axles and part of the chassis and the tow hook.


Do I need a special license to drive an Airstream?

In order to drive a car with an Airstream attached in 90% of cases you need BE patens or the higher license to be able to tow car and caravan trolleys. The general rule calculates the weight of the Tractor + Trailer which must never exceed 3,500kg to drive it without a BE License. Most of the Airstream caravans on the market, combined with a tractor (car) suitable for towing,  widely exceeds 3,500kg. So yes, you need a driving license and a car with an adequate towing ratio. It is not complex to obtain the BE license which in Italy is done with a single oral theory and practical exam. You can ask the nearest driving school for the exact cost which is usually around 1,000 euros. 


I found some "Fake" Simil Airstream for sale online, they cost less, why?

The Airstreams are a symbol, a timeless object with an unchanged value (more or less) over the years. This is the great strength of the Airstream Inc. brand which, despite everything, has never stopped producing, not even during the war years.

Over the years and the changing markets have multiplied the "Fake" Airstream, or at least aluminum caravans that wink at the original Airstream look.

In the last few years, in particular, China-made Airstream aluminum trailers are available in Europe at very competitive prices. More squared caravans and without a specific brand but remotely recalling the shapes of the Airstream.

We do not deal with these vehicles and we invite you to be wary of food trucks  made in China  offered for less than 35 / 40,000 euros. One of the problems of these vehicles is the registration, or obtaining the Italian license plate. Even the trailers are now undergoing overhaul so even if you managed to pass the first test or overhaul you would then have the anxiety of not passing the subsequent ones ..  Another thing to be careful of are the water infiltrations given by an approximate and not precise production but more than anything else we invite you to be careful on the issue Electrical systems and more generally Plants, as they could be one of the reasons for not obtain the necessary permits for street food or risk fires and short circuits. A fake Airstream online can be found at 15 / 18k empty, 25k set up. These are flirtatious prices that hide problems in the long term and that do not guarantee any assistance after the purchase. However, if your budget does not exceed 20 thousand Euros, these are the only options on the market. Know that you could end up spending a lot more on repairing it and thus end up increasing the cost of your truck. The weight balance calculation is essential for road safety and non-EU certified vehicles may not comply with these regulations and put your driving at risk. In summary, with original Airstreams you only cry once but you have a timeless vehicle with an undisputed brand value in the years to come.


A Friend of a Friend of a Friend told me that he restores the Airstream for less than 20,000 Euros ..

Good for you! We too could do a rough "restoration" for you, that is, find you an Airstream in good shape, do not replace the frame, do not polish it, do some interior work but do not redo the electrical, plumbing, etc. give a refresh of color and upholstery and voila, your "New" Airstream is served ..

However, you would end up wasting your money, because these temporary interventions would then be things to be fixed in the future, problems to be solved when you are traveling or even worse when you are at work with your food truck.

To do things that last a while takes time, and it also takes an adequate budget. Wanting to save at all costs can be a way to start with something "nice" and then do the work later. From the size of the pipes, to the sockets, to the infiltrations in the floor ... not doing a careful analysis and work from the beginning can be more expensive than it seems at the beginning.  For an Airstream in good condition, the cost of a restoration is around 30k, with 50k in addition to the value of the vehicle they are credible and realistic costs to obtain a result that is worthy of the Airstream name. At our headquarters we always have some still "to be done" available, therefore Airstream still to be restored. You can view them by appointment.


Do you also have NON Airstream vehicles?

We started 12 years ago with the Airstream but then in 2015 we also started buying different vehicles such as the American School Buses (now we have 4) and various Military vehicles, non-Airstream caravans etc. 

Our core business remains that of renting or selling Airstream but we also like to test ourselves with other things and maybe even offer you different things at competitive prices. A camperized School Bus, for example, we are around 50/60 thousand. therefore less than an Airstream at Glamping and much less than any new camper. Shasta caravans are great value for money, at the moment we only have 1 in all of Europe. Making a truck or a Glamping based on Shasta can therefore be exclusive and even cheaper than starting from an Airstream.


Where can I view the vehicles? Do you have them all in Italy? Do I need an appointment?

We are a small family business and we do many of the work on the vehicles ourselves., For this reason we ask you to make an appointment to come to the shed and see all the vehicles, you could otherwise find us in work overalls while we polish or hang on a perch that we mount a porthole ..;)

We are only 3 km from the Nogarole Rocca exit of the Brenner motorway . We are more or less always open and available for a tour and advice on the most suitable vehicle for you. Coming to visit us and seeing the Airstreams and all the other vehicles (there are more than 30 now !!!) with your eyes is the ideal way to get a clear idea of what we can do for you and choose the right vehicle for yours. needs. You might think that an Airstream is what you want .. and then seeing the grandeur of an American School Bus you might change your mind. All the vehicles you see on our site are ours and are in Italy, which can be viewed at our headquarters. We do not do "games" of the type that we sell vehicles that are still in America or that we have not yet bought. What you see online is ours and available for rent or sale.

To make an appointment you can call the landline or send an email to 

Our cars

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